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Beautiful bouquets of seasonal flowers available for delivery throughout Thailand, whatever your reason to send flowers - a birthday, a celebration, congratulations on a new baby, shop-store or business grand opening, graduation, mother's day, father's day, valentine's day, christmas, new year, funeral, sympathy tributes, or even just because - We have many beautiful flowers and gifts to choose from.
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Birthday cakes, beautifully gift boxed and delivered daily in Bangkok, Thailand by Flowers Thailand. Perfect to celebrate any occasion - choose their favourite treat and have it delivered to their door. Please note: orders for cakes must be received by 2pm. the day before your required delivery date. If you want the cake now, cake may substitute with another cake if requested cake is not available. Please enjoy browsing through Thailand Flowers for your cakes.

  • Banana Caramel Cake
    1,650 THB Banana Caramel Cake
    C016 - Banana Caramel Cake 2 pounds - Chocolate Layer Cake filled with butter cream, fresh banana, caramel sauce and topped with caramel and almonds. (All cakes are daily baked to order! Please order 1 day in...
  • Heart Shaped Chocolate Fudge
    1,650 THB Birthday Cake
    C004 ...  "Birthday Cake" 2 Pounds - Chocolate Heart cake filled and topped with chocolate fudge and decorated with the cherries. Cake shown are subject to availability and may be substituted if unavailable, but we...
  • Black Forest cake
    1,600 THB Black Forest Cake
    C009 - Black Forest Cake 2 Pound... Chocolate Sponge Cake stuffed with dark cherry and vanilla buttercream decorate with chocolate and red cherries. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are daily baked! Please...
  • Blueberry & Grape Cake
    1,600 THB Blueberry & Grape Cake
    C015 - Blueberry & Grape Cake 2 Pounds - Vanilla cake stuffed with blueberries. Decorated with blueberries and fresh grapes. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are daily baked to order! Please order 1...
  • Cafe Latte White Cake
    1,650 THB Cafe Latte White Cake
    C014 - Cafe Latte White Cake 2 Pounds - Layer of vanilla, coffee, and chocolate cake filled with coffee custard then decorated with white chocolate. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are fresh daily baked!...
  • Cherry Berry Chocolate Cake
    1,600 THB Cherry Berry Chocolate Cake
    C013 - Cherry Berry Chocolate Cake 2 Pounds - Vanilla cake filled with strawberry buttercream and decorating with white chocolate and cherry. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are daily baked! Please order 1 day...
  • Choco Banana Cake
    1,600 THB Choco Banana Cake
    C017 - Choco Banana Cake 2 pounds - For chocolate & banana lover. Chocolate cake stuffed with banana and chocolate fudge and covered with chocolate buttercream frosting topped with chocolate and almond...
  • Chocolate Fudge
    1,600 THB Chocolate Fudge Lover Cake
    C008 - Chocolate Fudge Lover Cake 2 Pound... Chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate and covered with chocolate fudge and decorated with cherries and chocolate roll. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are...
  • Coffee Nutty Cake
    1,600 THB Coffee Nutty Cake
    C005 - Coffee Nutty Cake 2 Pound... Coffee layer cake with vanilla layer stuffed with custard coffee covered with coffee butter cream frosting decorated with nuts and caramel glaze. Free Delivery & Free Gift...
  • Oreo Cookis Cream
    1,600 THB Cookie & Cream Cake
    C010 - Cookie & Cream Cake 2 Pound... Chocolate layer cake with Oreo Cream filling - delicious buttercream frosting and decorate with chocolate. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are daily baked fresh...
  • Deluxe Fresh Fruit Cake
    1,650 THB Deluxe Fresh Fruit Cake
    C018 - Deluxe Fresh Fruit Cake 2 pounds - For fruit lover. Layered vanilla sponge cake filled with apricot jam, vanilla buttercream and decorated with fresh fruit such as grapes, cherries, kiwi, and orange...
  • Mocca Caramel Cake
    1,650 THB Mocca Caramel Cake
    C021 - Mocca Caramel Cake 2 pounds - 3 Layers of chocolate cake, coffee cake, and vanilla cake flavors layered with nut caramel buttercream and topped with caramel sauce, chocolate, and almonds. Free Delivery...
  • New York Blueberry Cheesecake
    1,650 THB New York Blueberry Cheesecake
    C001 ... New York Blueberry CheeseCake 2 Pound. Baked cheesecake with buttercream frosting topped with blueberry topping and decorated with fresh grapes... Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are daily baked!...
  • Orange Blossom Cake
    1,600 THB Orange Blossom Cake
    C012 - Orange Blossom Cake 2 Pounds - Orange Cake... Orangy Day! Vanilla cake filled with orange custard then decorated with dried sweet orange. Free Delivery & Free Gift Card. (All cakes are daily baked! Please...
  • Rocky Road Cake
    1,650 THB Rocky Road Cake
    C019 - Rocky Road Cake 2 pounds - Chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge decorated with masmelo, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cherry, and almonds. This will be a welcome site on your party...
  • Vanilla Milk Custard Cake
    1,650 THB Vanilla Milk Custard Cake
    C020 - Vanilla Milk Custard Cake 2 pounds - Vanilla layer cake stuffed with fresh milk custard covered with buttercream frosting and decorated with almonds and white chocolate. Free Delivery & Free Gift...

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